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Please find below site news and available documents for you to download. 

Opening 16th April

New guidelines released yesterday means we can reopen on the 16th! E-mails/letters have been sent with more specific information. Please check this before heading on site and get in touch if you have any questions.

Opening 26th April 2021

Please note due to the most recent guidelines released by the Scottish Government we will be opening on the 26th April. A letter/e-mail has been sent with more information.


An e-mail/letter has just been sent out with details about new regulations for carbon monoxide monitors. We need you to get back in touch by 17th of March with your decision. If we do not hear we will pass over responsibility to supply the monitor to you automatically.

If you have not received an e-mail (letters may take a few days) please get in touch.

Link to the letter here: Additional carbon monoxide alarm letter

2021 Terms and Conditions

Please find the new Terms and Conditions in the downloads folder on this page. They have now been uploaded. An e-mail/letter has recently been sent out with information about the new season and how to purchase the new Wi-Fi. Please get in touch if you have not received this.

Happy holidays!

Our office is closing today until the 4th of January. We’d like to wish everyone the best over the next few days and a Happy New Year!

We will be remaining open until the 4th as expected for those who have plans to come up for Christmas and those in the local area who will use their caravan/lodge in line with government advice over new year.

See you all in 2021, a hopefully healthier season!

Wi-Fi Result

A quick post to let you know the outcome of the Wi-Fi options. We will be in touch individually when we have more information

Option 2, the individual kits came out on top by more than double the response for Option 1. We do recognise this won’t be for everyone so we are looking into ways to provide something for those of you who do not want a kit installed.

If you said you wanted option 1 this doesn’t mean you cant opt for a kit at some point in the future. As the letter stated it was just to find out how changing the system would be received. More details regarding the purchase of a kit etc.. will be sent out at a later date when all the specifics have been worked out.

We are looking to have the system on our end set up so installations can begin for the new season, but as 2020 has proved, nothing can be set in stone!

– 16/12/2020


Wi-Fi – let us know what you think!

One week left to let us know your preference for the Wi-Fi… make sure you send us a message by the 27th of November!!

Thanks to everyone who has replied so far 🙂


Drain downs complete

NO DRAIN DOWN 2020.pdf

The drain downs were completed on Tuesday 10th November. If you need to access your van from now until 4th January, you must arrange reconnection and drain down yourself.

The caravans that were left connected to water are in the attached pdf. If you are on this list and expected to be drained down, please contact the office immediately.


Services during the extension

The Laundry will remain open during the extension but please keep the door closed when you are in the building and when you leave.

The bin store in Brae walk and by the play park will not be in use during the extension due to reduced demand. The bins in the lodge site, by the electric shed and at either end of the high road will still be available.

Please keep using the hand sanitiser and report if you find one empty.


Wi-Fi plan

E-Mails and letters have just been sent out with a few points we’d like to hear from you about. Please respond by Friday 27th November by email, text or WhatsApp message.

Please also remember Lynne is no longer working with Findhorn Sands so please check to make sure you are not using her mobile number any more (07*** **0718) and have the office mobile number instead ( 07895 376541)



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Findhorn Sands Reopening Guidance

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