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Aberdeen Breakout

Most of you have probably seen Aberdeen City has gone into lockdown. You’re more than welcome to stay here and wait it out if you are from Aberdeen but if you’re thinking about coming up to escape the lockdown… please try not to and if you do be VERY VERY cautious!! We don’t want to be the cause of a breakout in Findhorn or Moray.

Could we also remind everyone to continue to socially distance as much as possible and keep using the hand sanitisers and sprays provided. Thank you 🙂

https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-53666665 – Also check out this link for the article regarding the Aberdeen lockdown.


Please use this Site Map for reference and to understand the location of the one way system a little better. We are planning on getting a bigger sign made for the entrance of the site, to help make visitors and trades people aware of the system too… A few more speed bumps and more signs will be installed soon too. Hope this helps! 

a busy weekend!

Site is looking very busy which is a great sign and hope the weather stays this wonderful! It is Scotland though, so no promises!

As we are getting busier it is very important to use the correct bins. We have noticed a mix of everything in each bin. Please make sure you are disposing of everything responsibly and not overloading with items that must be taken to the tip or can be put in their correct location!

We have had a few electrical trips too. The following link may help you understand which appliances may cause the system to overload and help prevent future trips.


Wi-Fi review and grass cuttings

We have had mixed reviews on the experiment we tried out over the weekend. We have another experiment/system change on Thursday. If there are any instructions, I will pass them on on then!

Could we also please remind you all that grass around your van is our responsibility and is cut by us. You need only cut what is inside your garden. We are finding the bins have been filling up very quickly from grass cuttings from areas we are responsible for. We are looking into getting some more bins around the site to help solve this problem.


Wi-Fi experiment

We think we may have a solution for the Wi-Fi… It isn’t guaranteed but we are hoping it will work. If not we will look into the matter again. The Fibre cable has greatly improved the speed, the problem lies within the wireless transmitters that are struggling to keep up with the demand. We have changed the network availability so rather than ‘Findhorn Sands’ covering the whole site, it has been broken down into more.

Please select one of the following networks that you think will be nearest you. The password has not changed. You may need to enter it a few times even if it says its incorrect.

  • Findhorn_Sands_E1
  • Findhorn_Sands_A1
  • Findhorn_Sands_A2
  • Findhorn_Sands_A3
  • Findhorn_Sands_A4
  • Findhorn_Sands_BW1
  • Findhorn_Sands_BW2
  • Findhorn_Sands_BW3
  • Findhorn_Sands_C1
  • Findhorn_Sands_C2
  • Findhorn_Sands_B1
  • Findhorn_Sands_B2
  • Findhorn_Sands_B3
  • Findhorn_Sands_H1
  • Findhorn_Sands_H2
  • Findhorn_Sands_H3
  • Findhorn_Sands_F1

For example A16 should try to connect to A1, A2, A3 or A4 and stick with the one that gives them the best signal. If you have a repeater in your van, you will need to reconfigure it.

Please note this is an experiment and not a guaranteed fix. Please try multiple networks to get the best connection. Please let us know if it has helped, stayed the same or got worse. You can also try ones with letters different to your van as we all know how random the plot labelling system is!


Driving round the site

We are reinstating the one way system in the central part of the site.

After trying it out for the past week, we have received a lot of reports of speeding, near misses and a general loss of awareness of young children playing on the site. We will keep the two way system along the top “high road” parallel to the concrete blocks down to the bin store at the bottom of that road. And we will also keep a two way system going from the office, to the defibrillator shed/fork in the road and down to the eco lodge area.

Please remember there is a strict 5mph speed limit on site at all times. It is so important to stick to this for the safety of young children, pedestrians and any animals that may be on site. Please do remember to keep your dogs on the lead though!


Could we please remind everyone that tradesmen or anyone working on the site are not to be approached. Any issues regarding plumbing, electric, gas, damage etc… must come through the office! Even if it is just a 5 minute job. We ask this, as it can be very distracting for the worker especially if they are in the middle of a task. This also applies to others on site who you may believe have specialist training in areas like plumbing. They are on holiday, like you and unless have specifically said they’d be happy for you to come to them in the past, it is not fair to ask them.

Please also remember to put your rubbish in the appropriate bins. There is an additional price guide in the downloads section for waste removal. Garden waste should be disposed of appropriately at Moray Waste Busters or get in touch with us for disposal. We are planning on creating a type of compost area for garden waste soon!

Wi-Fi Problems

** EDIT 2** We’ve had more reports of the terrible Wi-Fi… we really are so sorry! The engineer is working on a new plan so if this one works, there shouldn’t be any more issues. No promises yet! 08/07/2020

**EDIT** The issues should now have been resolved. Any problems initially connecting, we recommend forgetting the network on your device and then starting again to log in as if it is a new network. Here is a link for guidance for apple devices. https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT208941 which will most likely be a similar process for android devices. Please also remember Wi-Fi signals do not penetrate metal well and as caravans are essentially metal boxes, you may not receive a great signal inside! Hopefully all should be better now… Happy Googling! 06/07/2020

So glad, to see we were busy this weekend and we hope you all are loving being back in Findhorn, despite the rain!

We had so many reports of the Wi-Fi not working, saying incorrect password etc.. For this we can only apologise. We have indeed installed a rather expensive Fibre cable with the hopes of a much better connection, so to see this not working is incredibly disappointing. We have been in touch with the ‘Wi-Fi guy’ so it will hopefully be fixed soon. Apologies again for the inconvenience and thank you all for your patience. 03/07/2020

The Wi-Fi password is still the same and can be found in the reopening guidance document.



From today, we will no longer be operating a one way system round the site. Hopefully this will help save the long trip round the site every time you’re leaving!

Stick to the 5mph speed limit and safely pull to the side, onto the grass if you meet another vehicle. If you need to reverse in a tight spot, please do.

Remember to always treat other drivers with the courtesy you would expect to be treated with yourself! No road rage please! 🙂



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