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Please find below site news and available documents for you to download. 

Drain downs from 2nd November

Please be aware the drain downs will begin from Monday 2nd of November and take roughly a week. If you’d like us to leave your van connected you must let us know by Friday 30th October. If we haven’t heard from you, we will assume you would like your van to be drained down.

Imogen is out of office from Friday 23rd October-Sunday 1st November so some replies and requests make take a little longer than usual, however there will still be someone available for emergencies and some general enquiries.


Basic life support during COVID-19

The people who provide our on-site defibrillator have sent this poster for basic life support during COVID. Worth having a quick scan and passing it on, so others know what to do, should this situation ever arise.

End of Season Drain down

If you would like your van to stay connected to water at the end of the season, please make sure you let the office know by Friday 30th October. The drain downs will be carried out the week following and unless we have been told otherwise, we will go ahead and drain down your van.

Gas Safety Inspection Billing

The invoices for the gas safety inspections are currently being prepared. For many, the rates return will cover the bill, but the invoice will still be sent to show how the money has been allocated, along with the Credit Note to show how much is left on the account (if any).

If your credit note has already been used on another invoice (in full or partially), the amount to pay will be shown.

If you are confused about anything, please get in touch.

Season Extension Information

I have just sent out a letter about the season extension to everyones email or home address. If you have not received this, please let us know as there is some important information included. (Those who receive updates by post, please wait a day or two as it may still be in the mail!)

A guidance document will be posted in the downloads section shortly to offer additional help.

E-Mail Glitch

Hi Folks,

I am off tomorrow and Monday for a long weekend. I tried to set up an auto-reply to anyone sending emails while I was away but looks like I’ve done something majorly wrong and its sending the message to everyone 50 times!

I’ve turned it off now out of fear of causing more problems, so apologies if you receive a robot message and I’ll be back on Tuesday!

Thanks, Imogen 🙂

Aberdeen Breakout

Most of you have probably seen Aberdeen City has gone into lockdown. You’re more than welcome to stay here and wait it out if you are from Aberdeen but if you’re thinking about coming up to escape the lockdown… please try not to and if you do be VERY VERY cautious!! We don’t want to be the cause of a breakout in Findhorn or Moray.

Could we also remind everyone to continue to socially distance as much as possible and keep using the hand sanitisers and sprays provided. Thank you 🙂

https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-53666665 – Also check out this link for the article regarding the Aberdeen lockdown.


Please use this Site Map for reference and to understand the location of the one way system a little better. We are planning on getting a bigger sign made for the entrance of the site, to help make visitors and trades people aware of the system too… A few more speed bumps and more signs will be installed soon too. Hope this helps! 

a busy weekend!

Site is looking very busy which is a great sign and hope the weather stays this wonderful! It is Scotland though, so no promises!

As we are getting busier it is very important to use the correct bins. We have noticed a mix of everything in each bin. Please make sure you are disposing of everything responsibly and not overloading with items that must be taken to the tip or can be put in their correct location!

We have had a few electrical trips too. The following link may help you understand which appliances may cause the system to overload and help prevent future trips.



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Findhorn Sands Reopening Guidance

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