** EDIT 2** We’ve had more reports of the terrible Wi-Fi… we really are so sorry! The engineer is working on a new plan so if this one works, there shouldn’t be any more issues. No promises yet! 08/07/2020

**EDIT** The issues should now have been resolved. Any problems initially connecting, we recommend forgetting the network on your device and then starting again to log in as if it is a new network. Here is a link for guidance for apple devices. https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT208941 which will most likely be a similar process for android devices. Please also remember Wi-Fi signals do not penetrate metal well and as caravans are essentially metal boxes, you may not receive a great signal inside! Hopefully all should be better now… Happy Googling! 06/07/2020

So glad, to see we were busy this weekend and we hope you all are loving being back in Findhorn, despite the rain!

We had so many reports of the Wi-Fi not working, saying incorrect password etc.. For this we can only apologise. We have indeed installed a rather expensive Fibre cable with the hopes of a much better connection, so to see this not working is incredibly disappointing. We have been in touch with the ‘Wi-Fi guy’ so it will hopefully be fixed soon. Apologies again for the inconvenience and thank you all for your patience. 03/07/2020

The Wi-Fi password is still the same and can be found in the reopening guidance document.