We think we may have a solution for the Wi-Fi… It isn’t guaranteed but we are hoping it will work. If not we will look into the matter again. The Fibre cable has greatly improved the speed, the problem lies within the wireless transmitters that are struggling to keep up with the demand. We have changed the network availability so rather than ‘Findhorn Sands’ covering the whole site, it has been broken down into more.

Please select one of the following networks that you think will be nearest you. The password has not changed. You may need to enter it a few times even if it says its incorrect.

  • Findhorn_Sands_E1
  • Findhorn_Sands_A1
  • Findhorn_Sands_A2
  • Findhorn_Sands_A3
  • Findhorn_Sands_A4
  • Findhorn_Sands_BW1
  • Findhorn_Sands_BW2
  • Findhorn_Sands_BW3
  • Findhorn_Sands_C1
  • Findhorn_Sands_C2
  • Findhorn_Sands_B1
  • Findhorn_Sands_B2
  • Findhorn_Sands_B3
  • Findhorn_Sands_H1
  • Findhorn_Sands_H2
  • Findhorn_Sands_H3
  • Findhorn_Sands_F1

For example A16 should try to connect to A1, A2, A3 or A4 and stick with the one that gives them the best signal. If you have a repeater in your van, you will need to reconfigure it.

Please note this is an experiment and not a guaranteed fix. Please try multiple networks to get the best connection. Please let us know if it has helped, stayed the same or got worse. You can also try ones with letters different to your van as we all know how random the plot labelling system is!