A quick post to let you know the outcome of the Wi-Fi options. We will be in touch individually when we have more information

Option 2, the individual kits came out on top by more than double the response for Option 1. We do recognise this won’t be for everyone so we are looking into ways to provide something for those of you who do not want a kit installed.

If you said you wanted option 1 this doesn’t mean you cant opt for a kit at some point in the future. As the letter stated it was just to find out how changing the system would be received. More details regarding the purchase of a kit etc.. will be sent out at a later date when all the specifics have been worked out.

We are looking to have the system on our end set up so installations can begin for the new season, but as 2020 has proved, nothing can be set in stone!

– 16/12/2020